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brad richert
2007: b.a. (philosophy & religious studies, university of alberta)

2000: h.s. diploma (chatelech secondary)



areas of study:

philosophy: ethics, philosophy of religion, classical philosophy
religion: early christianity, contemporary christianity, buddhist philosophy, occultic and gnostic studies, syncretism

other areas of interest:



1. SR - August 23, 2006

Dear idiot,
Your opinions are one sided and misinformed, despite the fact that you have a few years of University under your belt. I sincerely hope that you make a visit to one of these areas you are defending, because no amount of self-righteous elitism will save you from an inevitable kidnapping by the many crazies that inhabit that region.
P.S: You are wasting your money with your degree. What you are learning can be obtained with a free library card.

2. brad richert - August 23, 2006

Thank you sir/m’am for your mature comments. If you would like to discuss a specific argument I would hope that you would attack a position rather than a person.
I do not support a racial or religious war and that is it. I do not care whether you are the Hezbollah, Iran, Israel, or the United States. If your argument for war is the betterment of your race or your religion, I believe you need to re-assess your position. If you are afraid of terrorism, do not give the terrorists a reason to murder you. Then again, I have no idea what you believe because you simply called me an idiot. Good work.

3. Jason April - November 6, 2006

Wow, that was a harsh comment. But he’s the idiot. Insults are mindless. It takes intelligence to justify a point of view. And wait a minute, what’s their point of view? Seems s/he got too caught up being pompous and demeaning to make any legitimate point. Yet you left the comment intact, which is impressive. Your response was very reasonable and mature with a lovely touch of sarcasm. Kudos.

4. brad richert - November 6, 2006

I almost did not bother leaving a comment, the childish nature was apparent enough, but I could not resist.

5. Saracen - December 15, 2006

Very interesting blog. I’m glad to have found it. It’s very refreshing to read something so insightful and philosophically enlightening. Keep up the good work, Brad.


6. Nicole - November 10, 2007

I just found your page after researching pages on my school assignment. I am so lucky to find your page and your deep insight with todays issues. Majority of your blogs make greater sense to me than sitting in a class room for 40 minutes with a teacher trying to explain the same thing, but with your’s it is more interesting. Thanks

7. ambassadah - May 1, 2008


Keep searching and Jah will guide you my youth. To the person that tried to discourage the youth. HAIL STONES OF FIRE AND BRIMSTONE SHALL BE YOUR PORTION IN THIS FINAL JUDGEMENT.



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