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gop loss good thing for evangelicals? November 9, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics, religion.

Normally, I would not dispute this, but when the headline from Agape Press reads, “A Good Election Loss for the GOP“, I start to question myself. See, Agape Press is the CNN for evangelical Christians. While FOX News may be the secular front for the right-wing community, Agape Press makes no excuses for being the voice of the religious right. When I started reading this article I was expecting the typical “GOP-has-become-too-immoral” rhetoric I have been hearing lately from many evangelical Christians (ie. stop having homosexual sex and in general just being corrupt). I was wrong. Mr. Matt Friedeman, a professor at Wesley Biblical Seminary, argues that the Republican Party has strayed from its “small-government” roots. Honestly, I could understand that if everything that the Democrats are going to do is intrinsically evil.

But let us see what problems Mr. Friedeman has with his previously-beloved Republican Party:

  • Too much money on education
  • Too much money for farmers
  • Too much money for prescription drugs

Hmm… No mention of the massive military increases by the nation that already makes up almost a half of the world’s expenditures on militaries. I am sure that the entire venture in Iraq surely has nothing to do with the increasing deficit of the United States. No, instead Mr. Friedeman wants to target any attempt of correcting the sad excuse America has for an all-but-in-name segregated two-tier education system, the aid to struggling farmers, and a feeble attempt to take care of the elderly. And then Mr. Friedeman has the nerve to call his “small-government” conservatism a “Judeo-Christian” ethic. What? I thought that they actually read Bibles in Seminar school – then again, only the students are required to read it. Last time I checked Jesus the Nazarene was not exactly promoting a political ideology of any form, not to mention an ethic that is more in tune to a hybrid between Nietzschean philosophy and social Darwinism. Please, Mr. Friedeman, explain to me how your lassez-faire conservatism is a Judeo-Christian ethic and I will extrapolate in painful detail for you how your system is more palpable for materialistic nihilists than the same guy who gave a sermon on a mount two thousand years ago. Mr. Friedeman, the GOP loss certainly was a good thing for evangelicals, but your reasons for thinking so are grossly misguided.



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