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nothing really changes in america November 8, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

It is currently just past 1:30am MST as I attempt to finish a paper that is due tomorrow (no, I was not procrastinating – it has just been one of those weeks). I watched tonight as the Democrats took the House in the United States and await threat of a recall in Virginia if the Republicans lose control of the nail-biting Senate vote. None of this really matters to me because we are talking about two-sides of the same coin. Nothing in the United States really changes. Former President Clinton was blowing Iraq to pieces before the Republicans obliterated the rest of the country and started dismantling the Constitution.

Speaking of things that do not ever change: the hearts and minds of Americans themselves. I attempt to give American individuals the benefit of the doubt, usually diverting my frustration with whatever administration is running the mammoth union. But as I watched as almost every single state accept a ban on same-sex marriage (and even Colorado’s stubbornness in giving homosexuals any basic relationship rights), I was, frankly, quite disgusted. Of course, many conservative commentators and supporters were appreciating this as some good news out of this election. Julaine Appling, the president of the Vote Yes for Marriage campaign was giddy: “This is a victory for marriage… people understand that marriage has a unique and special place in our society.” I am confused – this is coming from within the nation with one of the highest rates of divorce in the world. Marriage certainly is special in our society – until it just is not working out anymore. The way I see it, if the United States wants to hold on to these backward views, lets do it backwards in a way that is congruent with American marriage values: how about you grant homosexuals the right to divorce first, then grant them basic relationship rights, and then maybe, just maybe, this religious moralism which nations like America and Iran hold so dearly to, might pass way, and let two people who love each other get married.

Maybe that is just too big of a step. Maybe America will not be ready for awhile, I mean, I think they are still on the Imperial measurement system, aren’t they? How can we expect them to allow homosexuals to marry, sick people, artists, and hippies to legally smoke weed, and females to choose what to do with their bodies if they cannot figure out what a metre or a Celsius degree is? Eh?

Sorry, that is my American bashing for the year. I try to keep it to election days when all the troglodytes come out to vote. That said, although I appall their English as Official Language initiative, I commend Arizona on not banning same-sex marriage (if it indeed the “No” vote holds out).



1. Jason April - November 8, 2006

I empathize and share your frustration. Though I’m sure you’d already assume that from our discussion in my blog. Politicians are politicians, as noted so eloquently in an article by The Onion. They’re only a reflection of the people. And until there’s a significant change in the mentality at large, there will be no significant change elsewhere. Let’s hope there are more forward steps than backward in the years to come.

2. Freedom « The Myriad - November 8, 2006

[…] Inspired by Brad Richert’s recent post. […]

3. Fell the Don - November 21, 2006
4. brad richert - November 21, 2006

Yes that image really caught my eye as well.

Oh, and thanks – you guys at Technoccult have some good stuff worth reading.

5. Anonymous - October 1, 2007

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