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olbermann makes me tingle November 5, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

I bet you are wondering whether tingling is a good thing or a bad thing. I do not really know. As a Canadian I do not get MSNBC and so I depend on YouTube and the MSNBC website for my dose of the Olbermann. Keith Olbermann has is crosshairs continually aimed on the Bush administration and fires away with penetrating accuracy. Okay, the gun metaphor was a little over the top. I do not know whether Olbermann writes his own rants (the infamous “Special Comments”) or not, but the scripts are inescapably heart-wrenching at times. Here are just a few of the great ‘Special Comments’ by Olbermann, each are around six to ten minutes long and all are worth checking out.

Olbermann on Kerry’s Joke

Olbermann on the Death of Habeus Corpus

Olbermann on 9/11: Five Years Later

Olbermann on Clinton versus FOX

Olbermann on Rumsfeld and Fascism



1. Jason April - November 6, 2006

It’s been a relief to have Olbermann in the mainstream media. I recently discovered him myself. I don’t watch television, but I read news from digg.com. It’s assuring to know that there’s someone reaching the masses with enough wit and passion to counter Bill O’Reilly and all the other conservative pundits.

2. brad richert - November 6, 2006

I’m just waiting for Olbermann to say: “Freedom, Mr. Bush, is not measured by a nation’s leader, but by its dissenters. Good night and good luck.”

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