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satanism article update November 4, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in philosophy, religion.

I have updated my previously posted article “Nietzsche within LaVey’s Satanism” with a short clip from the mouth of LaVey himself. You can find the YouTube clip at the bottom of the article, it is worth checking out.

Note that I do not promote LaVey’s Satanism. If you are a Satanist (or a “Nietzchean” for that matter) feel free to comment on the article or the video. I welcome discussion from any religious adherents.



1. khalidmir - November 5, 2006

I’m not sure if this analogy between satanism and Nietzsche isn’t the result of the supposed connection with Nazism (his sister) or anit-semitism (Wagner) or whether it is, in part, a reaction against bourgeois conformity.

The little I’ve read of Nietzsche was that he was not this immoralist that people make out (see Lesly chamberlian’s portrait of him in her book, Turin).

and if there was a dionystic spirit to him i don’t think we can take this pure and simple as a negation…he was also about the affirmation of life (i think he saw christianity as a negation of it…his views towards Islam are interesting in this regard: peace and friendship to Islam!).

to say that he was an existentialist or that we are just animals seems , to me at least, to be a misreading. I think he was , for sure, trying to undo the metaphysical outlook and return to ‘the earth’ but only in order to create a better way of being..i.e he wasn’t a nihilist but, rather, seemed to be advocating ‘joy in contingency’.

2. brad richert - November 5, 2006

I argue against any nihilist interpretations of Nietzsche and I do not give much credence to the psychology of a philosopher (as opposed to his actual arguments). I generally think that true genius cannot be easily understood by the average student of philosophy, much less by the mind of a 15-year-old punk anarchist. Nietzsche, like Kant, is much more complex than most readers are ready to admit. Most people do not like the idea that someone as insane as Nietzsche could actually be smarter than him or her.

Nietzsche certainly was not an immoralist – at least not by his own standards. This is probably where I see such a strong similarity between Nietzsche and Satanism. Satanism is not the worship of some entity called Satan, embodying all evil in the world. Satanism is the ‘worship’ of the self – a self that sees morals as conventions used by society to oppress the strong and uplift the weak. Both Nietzsche and LaVey see this as inauthentic and ethically irresponsible. This is why both vehemently opposed Christianity – the embodiement of humbleness. I believe that when Nietzsche proclaimed that the last Christian died on the cross (Jesus) he was not degrading the philosophy of Christ. Rather, Nietzsche was laughing at all the people who call themselves ‘Christian’ yet in actuality – or at least authentically – are only looking out for number one.

Satanism, on the other hand, use Satan as a symbolic figure that opposes everything true Christianity (and as LaVey pointed out in the video clip, most religions) stands for: self-indulgence. Christianity was an easy target, however, because of his location (ie. western christian civilization), Christianity’s dominance, and its emphasis on the physical and spiritual battle between good and evil.

I like that you point out his relation to Islam. We also forget that Nietzsche was extremely opposed to Buddhism which he actually outrighty accused of nihilism (translation of Mahayana Scriptures were few and far between during his life). It would, however, be interesting to investigate this relation Nietzsche saw between Islam and his own philosophy. On the surface, I do not see much commonality, but I am not aware of the intricacies of Islamic philosophy.

3. khalil - November 14, 2006

pleas i m from morocco and i want some iformation of satan and satanism so i m waiting for yor anser . story pictere defenision ok tanks

4. brad richert - November 14, 2006

Khalil, I am assuming that your first language is Arabic rather than English, but I am unsure to what you are asking for.Is there a specific question you have about satan or satanism?

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