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marriage crisis in america November 1, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics, religion.

I love reading Agape Press. It gives me a rush of indignation towards delusional, self-centered, self-righteous, and generally stupid people. No offence. Nothing personal. Agape recently posted an article on the America Community Survey’s conclusion that the institution of marriage is falling apart in America. I was pleasantly surprised that the article did not outrightly blame the LGBT movement’s attempt for equality. Instead, it targeted such legislations as “no-fault” divorce for the increasing rise of divorce. I should say that this is not the survey’s conclusion, but the “World Congress of Families” which is a considered a leader in the “pro-family” movement (ie. pro-right wing evangelical traditionalist north american family movement).

The undermining of the institution of marriage is nothing new, as the article admits, but this the first time that married couples are actually a minority in the United States. Of course there is no mention that “born-again” Christians, especially conservatives and baptists, have the highest divorce rates among any religious group in the country (including athiests and agnostics). No, it must be that darn ez-divorce legislation. It is just so easy to get divorces, that must be the reason people are doing it. I mean if it was harder to get legally divorced people would just stay in their shallow marriages filled with hate and contempt for each other. It is funny that I was taught that God granted divorce to the Jewish people (in the time of Moses) because they just could not keep their marriages together – meaning, it was not ideal, but it was going to be allowed. Funny thing is, I do not see Jews and Christians up in arms against Moses because he allowed the Hebrews to get divorced. Maybe that is not a fair comparison.

My point is, however, maybe it has nothing to do with legislation, but with the fact that people, and apparently ‘born-again’ Christians are getting married for the wrong reasons. I bet that it would not be too hard to figure out that the people getting married at young ages are generally ‘born-again’ Christians – and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why. If your parents, as well as your own religious-instilled guilt, condemn premarital sex then your average sexually repressed 20-year-old is going to want to have sex legitimately as quickly as possible. I went to a conservative bible college – it is true. I was a sexually repressed evangelical Christian – I know. These are the people getting divored. This is why people who do not fit the mold of the “pro-family” movement are not getting married at the ages of 18-25. It has nothing to do with undermining the institution of marriage, it has to do with maturing so that you can deal with someone elses problem as well as your own, to be financially stable enough to meet the new challenges of modern living (because six-year-olds need an iPod for school – haven’t you seen all the commercials?), and for a hundred other reasons.

There is one cheeky solution to the “pro-family” beef: stop denying certain groups (umm…err… no… not gay marriage?!?! ewww!!! – it will destroy the institution of marriage!) of people to marry – then you might meet your necessary imaginary quota of American marriages.



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