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death of a… October 28, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in media, politics.

Go see “Death of a President”. If you are a Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, radical, fascist. Go see this film. I prefer not to give film reviews because I think it they ruin films. I can only tell you to see it. I have never seen so many people been so foolish in their ignorant comments they have made on this film. The White House stated it the film does not even dignify a response. Hillary Clinton called the film “disgusting”. Some American theatres have banned the film while others are just refusing to screen it. The funny thing is, these people had not seen the film. The film is, fortunately, not anti-Bush. I heard some guy behind me scoffing everytime the President’s “special advisor” spoke, who was the stereotypical butt-kisser. Bush is cautiously presented in a way that would have A&E wishing for rights on this movie. The most chilling scene in the film is not the half-second shooting of the President, but the installation of Vice President Cheney as President. Mid-way through this film you need to remind yourself that President Bush had not really been assassinated and you are really living in the year 2006 rather than 2008. If you have access to a theatre that is playing the film, go see it.



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