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random news bits October 26, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

I really wanted to continue my “why i am a christian” series, but midterm exams and papers hit and I have been missing a lot of good news (it is election season down south after all). In the past several days, Quebec has been the news again with a discussion that has been going on since before Confederation, but hey, they got invited to the Kyoto meeting in Kenya by the doublespeaking Conservative government Minister of Environment that “supports” the Kyoto accord at the same time as rejecting it. Meanwhile in the United States, the elections have started out nicely for the Democrats as the Republicans have resorted to explicitly using terrorist’s ads as their own. Not only that, but Cheney himself admits supporting the use of toruture akin to that found during the barbaric witch-hunts of the middle ages. Michael J. Fox is attempting his own advertising for stem-cell research which has started a whole arrangement of celebrities picking sides: I think everyone knows my opinion about actors and politics. Finally, British kids are getting stupid. Okay, that was mean and slightly untrue. The truth is all kids are getting stupid, its just that the only article I have is on a study in Britain. Apparently, British kids under the age of 14 (the same probably goes for Canadian or American children – who knows) are having trouble with basic geography. 20% of British children cannot find Britain on a map, 10% cannot name any of the seven continents, 40% cannot locate the USA on a map, 86% could not locate Iraq. New rule: countries cannot invade nations they cannot find on a map.

Anyway, I have a little time to myself this week and I will back on the “why i am a christian” narrative.



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