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ex-president bush in 2009 September 26, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

In about 846 days our southern neighbour will have a new President. God, and his friends in the Bush administration, only knows what is in store for America and the world in the next two and half years. I say this believing that there will be no impeachment process due to the lack of organization and leadership in the Democratic camp. The Republicans could get an impeachment proceeding over an affair, but the Democrats cannot get anything going over two fraudalent elections, thousands of deaths in Iraq, illegal wiretapping, implicitly (or perhaps explicitly) approving acts of torture, and blatantly lying to the American people about every event since January 20, 2001. So ever wonder what will happen to George W. Bush come January 20, 2009?

One possibility that a recent filmmaker has put forth is an assassination in 2007. I have not yet seen the film so I will not make any comments on it (unlike many who have condemned the idea of the film without actually watching it – the members of the press that have seen it at the Toronto International Film Festival have applauded it). Another possibility is a showcase at The Hague. Is it possible that George W. Bush and Co. might be held responsible for the crimes of their administration? Or will Mr. Bush II fade into the background of political life? I suppose that sort of depends on the truth of Mr. Bush’s current involvement in his own administration. Many people often see Bush as a sort of lackey for Wolfowitz, Cheney and Rumsfeld. If this is true, one can not imagine that Bush II will watch over future administrations like a hawk (no pun intended) as his father does. It would also be hard to imagine Bush II using his former status of prestige to further some humanitarian causes such as Gore or Clinton might, but I suppose that comes with the Republican patronage.

So what will Bush II be up in 2009? My imagination is limited to placing Bush on the constant defence of his administration for about a year before fading away into relative obscurity as the new Republican president furthers the destructive agenda of the former Bush administration. George W. Bush, I imagine, could end up being considered fairly tame next to the 44th President of the United States. His hokey ways and garbled tongue makes him an easy target for political pundits (at least those not paid by Robert Murdoch), intellectuals, and 80% of the planet. But what if the 44th President, who will easily defeat the lackluster and leaderless Democrats, has an ounce of eloquence and charm? What would happen if you had a man with the personality of Clinton and the morality of Cheney?

This is all speculation, of course, but the idea of Bush II not surrounded by his usual array of creepy cronies is amusing. Will the extreme right-wing Republicans continue to protect him post-presidency?



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