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playground antics on global scale September 16, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

I missed a week of news on my blog during my “9/11 Week”, which included a whole lot of shenanigans. You had the insensitive, misunderstood Pope (who also recently pissed on the immoral Canadians for allowing homosexual marriage and abortion into the country), the madness of King George the Second, and a bunch of neo-Nazi’s in Germany who might actually win a seat or two in regional elections (which is more than the Green Party of Canada can say). All this, I believe, just goes to show that society does not change. I am pretty sure that if I had a newspaper from September 16, 1936, I doubt it would be much different. The Catholic church pointing fingers at immoral nations while turning a blind eye to real problems. An all-but-in-name fascist dictator defending his use of excessive force on a minority. Extremist political groups poised to win seats in otherwise moderate nations. These stories were all very interesting but the news I had the most fun reading about was the playground antics of King George and Shah Mahmoud. The story read something like this (note: bigots may insert “that Arab kid” for “Mahmoud”):

  • Georgie: “I want your cookie”
  • Mahmoud: “Nuh uh”
  • Georgie: “I’m telling on you!”
  • Mahmoud: “Bite me”
  • Mr. Annan: “Get back in class!”
  • Georgie: “I’m going to get your cookie”
  • Mahmoud: “Meet me in the playground… after school”
  • Georgie: “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

I do not have a source for that exact conversation, but it was not too much different from what I heard. If you do not already know the situation, the United States wants to stop Iran’s enrichment program. Iran says the enrichment is for peaceful purposes, and George is jumping up and down calling the bluff. Meanwhile, Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (I love spelling that name) challenged poor ol’ George to a duel of words on national television (or something like that). Knowing that George would make a fool out of every American (or at least even moreso), his handlers quickly denied putting this debate into motion. “Belligerent” George himself then proclaimed that he would not even sit down with the Iranian president even though the two will both be in the same building in Manhattan in two weeks. Kids.

Sometimes you just have wonder who is running this planet.



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