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the numbers of the 9/11 legacy September 14, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in media, politics.

As Khalidmir and I have briefly been discussing the issues surrounding polls, surveys, and statistics themselves, I figured I would end the 9/11 week with some of the odd, and not so odd, numbers of the legacy that is September 11, 2001.

0 – hours of intelligence training provided to FBI agents previous to 9/11

1 – number of those charged with a 9/11-related crime

2 – number of years since US had any credible intelligence on Bin Laden

7 – percent of people in UK who think the US-led “war on terror” is being won

11 – weeks the 9/11 commission’s report was top of the New York Times’ non-fiction best-seller list

19 – the number of hijackers on the 9/11 planes of terror

20 – percent of Americans who claim to have known someone who was killed or injured in the 9/11 attacks

22 – percent of Canadians who believe 9/11 attacks a result of a conspiracy led by influential Americans

24 – hours of intelligence training provide to FBI agents post-9/11

24 – people still listed as missing from the 9/11 attacks

41 – percent of Americans who blame William Clinton “a great deal” or “moderately” for the 9/11 attacks

45 – percent of Americans who blame George W. Bush “a great deal” or “moderately” for the 9/11 attacks

77 – percent of people in the UK of beleive PM Blair’s foreign policy has made UK a terrorist target

91 – precent of terror cases from FBI and others that US Justice department declined to prosecute in the first eight months of 2006

115 – number of nations who lost citizens in the 9/11 attacks

274 – FDNY retirements from January to July of 2001 (before 9/11)

403 – number of firefighters, paramedics, and police officers killed in the collapse of the WTC

455 – number of detainees at Guantanamo Bay

661 – FDNY retirements from January to July of 2001 (post-9/11)

1,248 – number of published books relating to 9/11 attacks

1,776 – height (in feet) of the new “freedom tower” in new york, due to be completed in 2012

2,932 – total number of American servicemen killed in Afghanistan and Iraq

2,973 – total number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks (excluding hijackers)

2,051 – number of children who lost a parent in the 9/11 attacks

22,000 – number of bombs that fell on Afghanistan in the 6 months after 9/11

62,006 – confirmed number of deaths from the “war on terror”

72,000 – estimated number of citizens killed since 9/11 as a result of the “war on terror”

140,000 – number of jobs lost in New York directly because of the 9/11 attacks

180,000 – likely number of deaths from the “war on terror”

422,000 – New Yorkers with post-traumatic stress disorder

1,506,124 – debris (in tons) removed from the WTC site

119,000,000 – ticket sales (in American dollars) for Fahrenheit 9/11

8,000,000,000 – amount (in American dollars) that the United States will spend in 2006 on hunting terrorists

12,000,000,000 – prospected budget (american dollars) of the redevelopment project of the wtc

40,000,000,000 – airline industry losses since 9/11 (in american dollars)

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