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remember the eleventh of september September 11, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in media, politics.
Remember, remember the eleventh of September,
the bin Laden conspiracy and plot,
I see of no reason why planes of terror
should ever be forgot.

Before the age of film, music played a significant role in remembering events of our past. Transmission through song was a sort of coping device for us to overcome grief while also passing down history from the immediate down through the generations. The ripoff above may sound familiar if you have seen V for Vendetta. It is actually part of a popular song sang in Britain to commemorate the interception of Guy Fawke’s attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605. Similar to the American national anthem, it represents a time when song was used to commemorate important events in history. That is, not financially benefitting from the loss of life.

Fahrenheit 9/11, United 93, Flight 93, World Trade Center. These are just a fraction of the attempts to gain financially from the events of September 11, 2001. In just five years we have three major motion picture events (okay, United 93 might be a stretch), several “television specials-for DVD” and probably a couple hundred documentaries of all budgets… and motivations. I even read about a comic book that was released last week. I bet there are many songs about 9/11, yet at the same time I am pretty sure someone is financially benefitting from those as well. Am I the only person sick of this sickness of incessant greediness that has a sort of perverted resemblence to the lawyer who drives behind ambulances looking for injury-claims? Probably not. People are not exactly seeing United 93 or World Trade Center in record numbers. It certainly is not because of lack of hype.

It is not just the greediness of lala-land either that is getting on my nerves. Since 9/11, anti-fascist watchdog Alex Jones has released at least half a dozen films and two books. And those films and books are not exactly handed out. Honestly, I do not know if any of his money goes towards any good cause, related to 9/11 victims or not, but I know that only one Hollywood studio announced that any of their proceeds will help out the families (and even that amount was somewhat minuscule). Maybe that is because the financial situation of the families of people who died in the tragedy were not exactly “Katrina” victims. Financial compensation only goes so far, they would rightly argue, but does that give them free reign to continue this further disgraceful pillaging of murderous acts?

To Michael Moore, Paul Greengrass, and Oliver Stone: I do not have to go see these films, and I will not. Your indecency to humanity confounds me. Your need to make money in the name of pseudo-history is disgusting. As for people who have a decent bone in their body: remember history, but save your money. Send that ten bucks to someone who needs it. I do not care who. That kid you see on World Vision. That Katrina victim who did not lose much because she never had anything to start with. That family hit by that tsunami in Asia that we all forgot about but still cannot rebuild their home. Oliver Stone and Nicholas Cage are the last people who need your money. If you are really bored, go watch JFK again, back when Stone was making money off of something worthwhile watching.

remember, remember the eleventh of september. with silence. with hope. with peace.



1. khalidmir - September 12, 2006

Brad, hello.
I didn’t think the power of nightmares was that good. If you get the chance you must see his ‘Century of the Self’. Have you read Mike Davis’ ‘New York Flames’ (on fear) or a great article in the London Review of Books called Hell-fire Nation? (both online)

On this post: you talk about people making money from 9/11 but there’s no mention of the mutli-billion dollar ‘industry’ that has developed as a result of the homeland security department and contracts for ‘security goods’. And one could also, perhaps, point out the oil and construction contracts that have followed the war on Iraq-that is, if one continues to follow Bush’s rhetoric that Iraq is part of the WoT !

would you say that that’s a greediness of a different order?

on the whole I agree with you though. This cheap sentimentalisation and infantilisation of a whole population-something that is happening here as well-is thoroughly depressing.

2. brad richert - September 12, 2006

Thanks for the resources, I will make sure to check them out.

The purpose of this post was meant to target that sentimentalization you recognize. There is definitely no doubt in my mind about the seemingly unlimited greed of other vultures surrounding the tragedy of 9/11… from Silverstein himself trying to claim two seperate acts of insurance rather than one, to enforcing a police-like state in America, to corporate handouts in Iraq.

I like to deal with one greedy deed at a time 🙂 I think that I chose to focus on Hollywood because it has this impenetrable effect on everyone in our society. Not all of us travel via air (and if we do, it usually is not all the time). Not all of us are directly effected by the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Not all of us are effected by the New York skyline. We all, except for some old-order Mennonites, have television and watch movies. We do not usually think twice about the films we go see and who it supports and what the films are trying to indoctrinate into our mind.

I mean, I could write a post about all the greediness surrounding 9/11… but I think that it would probably end up being longer than 9/11 commission’s report.

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