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anti-semite? September 4, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

I find it troubling that someone actually called me an anti-Semite because I do not agree with Israel’s actions against Palestine or Lebanon. This sort of cowardly “argument” is only enforcing racism and anti-Semitism. Let me get one thing straight: if Iran or Syria invaded Israel right now, I would have very few positive things to say about either of those two countries. The fact is, despite all of the propaganda in Iran and other Muslim nations, none of them have actually attacked Israel. Israel, on the other hand, has learned from its American backer and engaged in illegal warfare. As for the unrecognized state of Palestine, yes, there is an ongoing war, but there is disillusionment in the West about the war.

Sappho found some interesting statistics about the second intifada which began on September 29, 2000.

  • Number of Israeli homes demolished: 0
  • Number of Palestinian homes demolished: 4,170
  • Number of Israeli prisoners held by Palestine: 1
  • Number of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel: 9,599
  • Number of Israeli children killed: 121
  • Number of Palestinian children killed: 775
  • Total number of Israelis killed: 1,084
  • Total number of Palestinians killed: 4,171
  • Total U.S. aid to Palestine: $230,000
  • Total U.S. aid to Israel: $15,100,000

Racism involves believing in thebiological separation of races among humankind. I do not. What I do believe is that a nation (a people group recognized through a set of traditions, not a state or country) has a right to rule itself in its own state. This applies to the Jewish people (ala Israel) as well to Palestinians, Chechnyens, Tamils, and *gasp* even Quebecois (if they so wish). I do not agree with achieving this goal through violence, although the options for these people are usually limited. This does not make me an anti-“Semite” (or even anti-Israeli), anti-Russian, anti-Sri Lankan, or anti-Canadian. A person who disagrees with a political decision made by a country of any nationality does not make them “anti” anything other than the decision that person is opposing. Think outside the simplified labels that we put on ourselves and other people.



1. KR - September 4, 2006

people enjoy picking on other people, attacking other people, killing other people… and if you do not agree with one side, then you are automatically against them.ie..anti-Semite. As along recism, hatred,stupidity exist, there will be war. Thats the problem with humanity, they just dont know when to quit. oneday the human race will destroy itself.

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