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the power of nightmares August 30, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics, religion.

The BBC put out a three part series back in January of 2005 (recently updated) concerning the rise of neo-conservatism in America and Islamic extremists in the middle east and Afghanistan. Although I do not necessarily agree with point of view presented in every respect, the film itself is a powerful portrayal of the times we live in. Check it out:

Part I: Baby It’s Cold Outside (59 minutes)

Part II: The Phantom Victory (59 minutes)

Part III: The Shadows in the Cave (59 minutes)



1. John - September 1, 2006

Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia. Please check out these related references on the origins & consequences of the universal nightmare.

1. http://www.dabase.net/coop+tol.htm
2. http://www.dabase.net/spacetim.htm
3. http://www.dabase.net/2armP1.htm#ch2
4. http://www.coteda.com/fundamentals/index.html
5. http://www.dabase.net/proofch6.htm Why Christianity is part of the problem–equally applicable to Islam too

2. Anonymous - October 1, 2007

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