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stockwell day supports vague “terror list” August 21, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

In my last post I targeted some Hollywood’s heavyweights and their limited knowledge of the situation in the Middle East. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out where they get their information (FOX or maybe even CNN). Let me get just one thing straight: I do NOT believe Israel should be “wiped off the map” or that Jewish people should not have their own state. I do not, however, believe that this should give Israel license to declare war on every Arab state that surrounds them who have been their for hundreds of years.

Now for the update: Stockwell Day, Canada’s fearless Minister of Public Safety confirmed the status quo that in order to preserve Canada’s “credibility” there is no way that a “terrorist list” could exclude the Hezbollah. The fact that this needed to be clarified by our government is somewhat interesting. In the United States this sort of thing is an inherent given. Another point of interest is that there is no clarification or even an attempt of what defines a terrorist organization. Instead, this placement of the Hezbollah on the “terrorist list” is for our credibility. This, in all actuality, translates as, “Mr. Day and Prime Minister Harper once again kiss Mr. Bush’s ass.” Our administration had several options and took the laziest one. The Harper government could have took a stand against Israel’s obvious warmongering, but did not. It could have taken a stand against Israel’s violation of the ceasefire, but it did not. It could have acknowledged the truth about Israel’s fault in the war, but it did not. It could have at least developed a rational explanation for its support of Israel other than its alliance with the Bush administration, but it did not. If Harper and Day support Israel’s actions and the cornering of the Hezbollah as “terrorists”, I would have liked to have seen a clear definition from a rational argument for that list. This means ex-assistant Pastor Stockwell Day cannot simple claim the Bible told me so.

Please, if Hezbollah is 100% guilty and Israel is 0% innocent, please give us the parameters for this “terrorist list” that require the inclusion of Hezbollah, Hamas, and al-Qaeda while excluding Israel, the United States, and Britain. If you think that a democratically-elected government cannot be a “terrorist state” I urge you to take a first-year level political science course or even History 12 for that matter.

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1. elronsteele - August 21, 2006

Nice one Brad … well written and well thought out. I must admit that the Harper govt seems to have a real hit and miss track record with the whole ‘terrorism’ issue. I was happy to see him go for the non-partisanm help of Mr. Khan in Muslim affairs, but the lack of critical judgement on the Israel-Lebanon situation is a serious problem, IMO. Just seems like they can’t work out a consistent message, beyond pointing south and saying “Ya, what he said …”

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