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german hotel to become neo-nazi centre August 16, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in politics.

Continuing on the theme of the fable of progress from yesterdays’ post, a well-known neo-Nazi from Hamburg has recently purchased a hotel in the small town of Delmenhorst, Germany, in hopes of making it a centre for neo-Nazi’s across Germany. Jürgen Rieger, 58, beat out a conglomerate of town residents with a sum of €3.4 million ($4.35 million USD). The town of 79,000 had raised €625,000 in hopes of saving their town from the thought of being the new centre for neo-Nazi’s. Rieger is a lawyer and is the head of the Germanic Faith Community for Life Creation and is a vivid supporter of “re-creating” the Aryan master race and is a staunch holocaust denier. The owner of the City Park Hotel, Günter Mergel, rejected the resident’s buyout because of the paltry sum they were able to raise but moreover it seems as if he really did not care. The hassle of “working with the town” just was not worth it to him.

Is that not a happy story? I find it surprising that the [almost] fascist party in Germany, the National Democratic Party (NPD), and neo-Nazi groups have more support in Germany than the Green Party has in the United States. But then again, why am I so surprised? What makes these fringe-groups so different from us? History? Ideology? Practice? The last time that the United States entered into a war with another “white” nation was against Germany in 1941. And even that was only because it was attacked by the Japanese. Since then the United States has been in Korea, Vietnam, El Salvador, Lebanon, Libya, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Phillipines. Not that all of those were strictly invasions (some were actually peacekeeping missions). It is an understatement to say that a racist ideology permeates not only the politics of the United States, but also the lives of everyday citizens.

I am not equating North Americans to German neo-Nazi’s, but sometimes we have to be careful when demonizing something that we ourselves are not completely innocent of. The plank and the sawdust and all that jazz. Just as the swatsika means nothing until you attribute something to it, nor does the stars and stripes (or maple leaf in my case).

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1. Steven Palmer -Advocate Disabled Rights Alliance A Canadian Non-Government Organization - August 22, 2006

As a Canadian NGO, I find this latest news story from Germany quite disturbing, particularly when one considers the neo-Nazi’s unabashed hatred, towards people of difference. With the majority of the world’s people being non-white, how can any civilized nation, condone the active promotion of racism towards minorities, especially by these self-promoting thugs?

2. jeffrey - February 8, 2009

umm bosnia/ serbia is a white nation lames and the cold war was against russia which is another white country

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