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beauty and babies August 8, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in science.

It seems that every new innovation has a evil in it to be exploited. Some are more evil than others. Lets talk about stem-cell research. George Bush II has declared it ‘godless’. As if the man know’s what is and is not godless. Stem-cell research has been an off and on hot topic for some years now. The argument has been so simplified for the masses that Joe Bucktooth from Hicksville, USA can decide whether he is for or against it. No offence to Joe. That said, I’m not too informed myself about it. I do know that if I was against it would not be “God says it is bad” sort of argument. That is not to say ethics are not involved. Others, such as Californian Governor Schwarzenegger and British Prime Minister Blair have actually supported the research in one way or another. The majority of the proponents of the research argue that stem-cell research can save lives.

The obvious opposer are the classic pro-lifers who understand current stem-cell research involves the destruction of a human embryo and/or therapeutic cloning. Rhetoric generally includes fallacious slippery slope arguments about human cloning and instrumentalization of humans. However, I have a feeling the Bush wouldn’t sweat it if it was the human embryo of some Arab terrorist. They are all going to hell anyway, right?

But is that it? Of course it isn’t, there has been no mention of money. While politicians and priests of numerous nations are discussing the ethics of stem-cell research, the beauty business has quietly started a revolutionary lucrative venture. A respectable British-based clinic in Holland, where they are lax on stem-cell restrictions, are performing rejuvenating treatments on wealthy and not so ethically conflicted women who wish to look younger. Thousands of women have had umbilical cord tissue from new-borns injected into their bodies. They call it “aesthetic stem-cell therapy” and it threatens to create havoc for legitimate stem-cell researchers who hope that their research will be limited to treating serious illnesses. The cost of the therapy? Anywhere between $300 to $40,000 USD. Despite your ethical considerations, there is at least one aspect that I find it hard to believe one could go through with such a treatment. One investigation into a Barbadoes clinic offering the treatment has shown that they actually use fetuses from poverty-striken provinces of Ukraine and Russia where an underground trade for almost anything survives.

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1. Aceptados - May 29, 2007

Incomparable health news!

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