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coming april 2007 July 31, 2006

Posted by Brad Richert in personal.

If you by any chance happen to stumble on to this blog you can probably recognize the lack of content. This blog most likely will not be used until I finish my degree in April of 2007. My last post is a list of what sort of content you will find on this site once I start.

Between September and April, however, I will probably post a paper a month so those casual wanderers can decide whether they care for my writing or not. These papers will probably be conversions of specific assignments that I have previously written. Lo and behold, I am also taking a course in my last year at the University of Alberta on writing for non-fiction. Of course, that is very useful for my last six years of school, but I hope it helps for later academics.


As you may have noticed, I sort of lied. I will post every so often about something that catches my eye. However, I will be switching the domain of the site in April of 2007. Until then, I hope you enjoy.

Blog Line Up (Subject to change upon whim)

  • September 2006: Visocica Hill – A Verifiable Hoax?
  • October 2006: The Antitheses of the Gospel of Matthew
  • November 2006: Nietzsche Within LeVay’s Satanism
  • December 2006: John the Baptist in the Synoptic Gospels
  • January 2007: The Ethiopian Claim to the Possession of the Ark of the Covenant
  • February 2007: Investigating Philemon
  • March 2007: The Guilt of Germany – Investigation of the Causes of World War I


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